We are the main administrator of groundwater and surface water in the basin of Regge and Dinkel. We closely pay attention to safety, environment, landscape, agriculture, urban development, nature and recreation. Purification of the water and waste water of the households and industry of the Twente area is performed by the advanced wastewater treatment plants.


Waterschap Regge and Dinkel is a government, just like a State, a Province or a County. The Waterschap takes care of the right amount of good quality water. Waterschap Regge and Dinkel ensures the collection and flow of water in ditches, streams and ponds.

The laboratory of the Waterschap contributes to clean and proper water quality in the streams of Twente. Monitoring of surface water quality is one of the main tasks of each waterschap and also for Regge and Dinkel. Therefore, the Waterschap purifies the waste water from households and industry and checks the companies with a discharge permit.
The laboratory of Regge and Dinkel is a dynamic laboratory that carries out sampling and analyzes for both Regge and Dinkel and for the Rhine & IJssel waterschap. We also carry out work for third parties. The two main tasks of the laboratory are sampling and analysis. The Laboratory contributes to clean and good quality of water in the streams of Twente.


The laboratory processes approximately 20,000 laboratory samples and performs over 200,000 analyzes annually. Where possible, all analyzes are carried out in accordance with the applicable DIN standards. Since 1965 the laboratory perform the analyses as accredited by the Accreditation Councils.


Conducting high quality analysis is one of the spearheads of the laboratory. Everyday a staff of twenty well-trained performs the sampling and analysis of water, sludge, soil and soil water in a well equipped laboratory where modern technology and advanced equipment is used.

Discrete analyzer

One of the conditions for quality analysis is the usage of well maintained equipment. Preventive maintenance to virtually all equipment in the laboratory is performed by the supplier and equipment will be replaced from time to time. At the department within the Wet Chemical laboratory, multiple devices were on the nomination for replacement. Amongst these were two continuous flow analyzers, an ion chromatograph and an automatic titrator. For a better response towards customers’ requests and to increase efficiency, the decision has been made to purchase a discreet analyzer to replace the above mentioned equipment.

Anaspec Solutions

Initially, requirements were set up by the laboratory. One requirement was that the equipment must meet the technical requirements conform the NEN standards. Additionally, the quality (performance characteristics) should be at least comparable to our current performance characteristics. Once these requirements were set, the laboratory started an extensive search for potential suppliers that were able to deliver a discrete analyzer that meets our requirements. As the result of this search we selected three vendors to come to a final choice. One of these three suppliers was Anaspec Solutions. The conversations with Anaspec Solutions ran smoothly from the start and were enjoyable. There was a cooperative action from Anaspec Solutions and they came to our needs and requirements.

Anaspec Solutions conducted a capacity calculation based upon our info and came to us with the Smart Chem 200 as most ideal. Boosted by a visit to the factory of AMS-SYSTEA in France and a visit to the French water laboratory in the Paris region in the vicinity of the factory, we had a very good impression of the SmartChem 200. In the factory of AMS-SYSTEA we could have an internal look at the design of the system and the functioning and above all, tests performed by their lab on the Smartchem 200 were according the expectations.

Because of good experiences, we decided to make Anaspec Solutions our preferred supplier. After a few conversations and questions related to service, we ultimately decided on the purchase of a SmartChem 200 system.

Follow-up process

Late November 2010, the Smart Chem 200 was installed in the laboratory and we had an extensive instruction and training received by Anaspec Solutions. The year 2011 is planned for the validation and accreditation of all parameters. The first results and performance characteristics are good and meet requirements. Therefore we are very confident that everything will work according our expectations and requirements. We hope that we will be working with Anaspec Solutions for years to come.

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