Present at the Euro Fed Lipid Congress 20-23 October in Sevilla


Anaspec Solutions provides a comprehensive range of instrumentation dedicated for the edible oil market and related industries like for instance the biofuel and confectionary industries. We will present the Lipid Quant FT-NIR for the analysis of Iodine value, Free fatty acids, Peroxide, Moisture, DOBI index and many other constituents possible in edible oils. Automated NMR instrumentation for the analysis of the complete melting profile for SFC we can offer as well. Anaspec Solutions has a close partnership with the German LAIX company that provides the dry bath technology for the complete SFC profile. You can also visit LAIX during this event where they will present the new “ SmartSpec” total solution for automated SFC determination including the NMR instrumentation from Fine Instruments Technology.

Oil and Fat seminar June 25th in Rotterdam


Anaspec Solutions contribution to the oil & fat seminar organised by the Benelux Lipid Organisation was much appreciated by its members. We had Mr Daniel Consalter specially invited as one of the key speakers and he explained the different analytical solutions you can develop with TD-NMR. Many institutes that work with lipids are using TD-NMR technology. Other institutes that were present in the meeting were KU Leuven, the Ghent University and the High School Karel de Grote from Antwerp. Besides that we had a number of key players that produces or refines edible oils & fats. In the room Anaspec Solutions had installed a complete automated NMR system and the well known Lipid Quant FT-NIR for analysis of iodine value or free fatty acids. Even a Fat Lab Autmation system was presented. In the near future it may well be that the yearly event could be transferred into a small show combined with scientific presentations and the different disciplines you have in processing, transportation, laboratory, certification and sales in oils & fats. You can see us again next year, however we also show this complete NMR automation during the upcoming event Euro Fed Lipid in Seville from 20 to 23 Oktober 2019. Hope to meet you there!

Innovative version of the WOTS 2018 for Anaspec solutions


With a high proportion of new and innovative instrumentation we started our seventh presence during the WoTS 2018, before known as the HET. Several new developments from our suppliers gave us thechange to show the audience our new innovative analytical solutions.

The Smartchem series for discrete analysis was presented and we have set up already new projects in the water industry. Sustainability is a key issue in this industry and the Smartchem has it all.

Our new table top benchtop NMR from Magritek lured many students and professors to our booth.

Quite striking was the presence of the Chip-DSC. It needs to compete systems that are twice the price and is able to perform the same analytical results in many cases. The Mini Chip reached the podium during the Tech Award.  This automatically created a lot on interest and for the new year we have some demonstrations already scheduled.

As always we had our complete Quant FT-NIR platform on the booth and informed many people about the Cloud option for the calibrations curves.  The Quant FT-NIR transcend all its record and is our best premium analytical instrument.

Last but not least we had an overwhelming interest in the standard fat extractions and protein devices. We are confident that we are able to offer you our best instrumentation and services and to strengthen our capabilities you can always visit our own applicationcenter in Waddinxveen.

We thank you for your presence and see you back in 2020.

Spinsolve in the Benelux


After Euromar in France, our respected manufacturer Magritek are presenting their benchtop NMR systems both at the ISHC2018 conference in Amsterdam and at the BOSS XVI conference in Brussels. Visit the booth during this week as lifetime demonstration of the Spinsolve serie is present. Anaspec Solutions is proud to cooperate with Magritek for the Benelux area.

Enverdi BOD


Your BOD results within 48 hours!

Throughout the last decades, the size of the environmental analysis market has been significantly increasing due to a growing public concern regarding natural resources conservation.

Consequently, operating in high-throughput conditions has become a pre-requisite for analytical labs to face the fast growing number of samples. Inspired by the impressive progress in bioanalytics, the company Envolure (AMS Alliance Group) has developed an innovative high-throughput technology, which couples fluorescence detection and worldwide standard 96-well microplate format.

BOD5 (Biological Oxygen Demand in 5 days) is a critical parameter for wastewater treatment monitoring. It is used daily to control the conformity of wastewaters released from urban and industrial treatment plants.

Envolure has developed and validated a strict surrogate to the reference method (EN NF 1899-1) making it possible to obtain BOD5 results in 48 hours (versus 5 days) for many samples.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor enverdi bod

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First meeting of the Benelux Lipid Network

Finally the first meeting of this new organization which took place at the premises of the campus in Ghent.

The meeting is the ideal platform for discussion and information exchange for scientists and technologists in Benelux in the business of edible oils & fats.


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Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument.


Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument with three angles. Knowing 15, 90 and 173°. So also backscattering is now available besides the others as well as in combination with zetapotential.

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Compositional analysis of Lipids 20-21 June 2013

Anaspec Solutions and Oxford Instruments have introduced at this event the new Pulsar NMR, the benchtop NMR for SFC analysis. The location was in Het Pand in Ghent, Belgium. This event was organised bij SCI’s Lipids Group in Collaboration with Ghent University and EFL Physical Properties Division.

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