Rapid powder analysis

For fast or standard powder analysis Anaspec Solutions has various instruments based on NIR, NMR, NDIR laser and wet chemical techniques. An example here is the use of FTNIR technique where compost, grass sillage, soil, films, fibres and plastics can be analysed. Another very fast, non-destructive and non-contact technique based on NIR is diode array and with 500 scans per second perfect for on-line systems on a conveyor belt.

Rapid and non-destructive analysis by benchtop NMR is commonly known as well. Some applications are fat and moisture in seeds, grains, fat in chips, solid fat content in oils, meat, cheese, but also the coating on yarn, better known as spin finish in the textile industry.

With NDIR techniques carbon and sulphur can be measured and Anaspec’s specialism in particle size characterisation shows robust analysers both the nano and micro range.

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