The Process NIR concept is a system that continuously monitors a process or controls key parameters so the process becomes increasingly efficient or more productive. The system comprises of a measuring head integrated in the process pipework connected to the NIR Analyser via fiber optic cable


QPAoil is a system which analyses edible oils and fats online. The standard system uses a bypass to enable temperature stabilisation. Alternatively the system is available with immersion probes.
Utilizing the QPAoil system, the production process can be greatly optimised. On-line analysis of the chemical functionality means the process can be stopped at the optimum time and so saves valuable production time for the next batch.
QPAoil provides a competitive payback time. The unique ability to operate using the same calibration models as the at-line corresponding LipidQuant FTNIR system means installation and start-up is minimised to a few days. Only one model set has to be updated and validated and the maintenance costs are very low.


FTSW100 is a powerful automation software suite to control all aspects of sampling systems, successful acquisition of spectral data, associated calculations and reporting to user and central control systems in then factory. With this software, developed by world renowned control system supplier ABB. Anaspec’s systems gain significant benefits of a professional user interface and strong connectivity options.

Input/ Output and communication

By means of discrete signals (mA, Volt and CanBus modules), FTSW100 has a wide range of options for communication with external systems as DCS systems, Central servers, peripheral units and visual alarms. FTSW100 supports industry standard communications links such as Modbus and OPC.
For the DA range of on-line systems Anaspec Solutions has developed its own software package, applicable to all kinds of applications. Contact our specialists for more information




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