FTNIR laboratory and online liquid solutions for the (petro) chemical, food and dairy industries

With 40 years experience in the various spectrometric techniques for different applications, the most striking development is the emergence of the most stable and robust FTNIR spectrophotometer in the world. The heart of this FTNIR spectrometer, the patented 'Wishbone.'

The MB series or Quant can perform the following applications, of which many database applications are already available. We can show you everything in our laboratory as well perform feasibility studies.

  • Analysis of liquid products such as drinks, whey, vegetable and animal oils, fats, bio diesel, petrochemical and chemical products.
  • Analysis of products in emulsion form such as chocolate, mayonnaise (sauce), yogurt, processed and fresh cheese, quark, margarine and butter.
  • For online analysis there are several specific measurement cell developed for measurements in vegetable oils and fats, milk, whey, yogurt, mayonnaise, margarine, chocolate, and butter.
    Proven applications such as iodine and saponification value, peroxide, free fatty acids, moisture, fat, protein and dry substance and for petrochemical and chemical properties, cloud point, pour point, RON, MON, isocyanate content, hydroxyl number, acid value, etc. 

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