Particle size measurements

The PSD of a material can be important in understanding its physical and chemical properties. It affects the strength and load-bearing properties of rocks and soils. It affects the reactivity of solids participating in chemical reactions, and needs to be tightly controlled in many industrial products such as the manufacture of printer toner and cosmetics.

Particle characterization including particle size and charge, are two of the most important characteristics of colloidal suspensions and solutions including nanoparticles, proteins and polymers. Such particles included latexes, liposomes, viruses and many others as well. Brookhaven instruments Corporation is the pioneer in correlator design, laser light scattering , electrophoretic light scattering and particle size instrumentation. With two molecular weight features to characterise proteins and polymers, Brookhaven’s separate or integrated instrument configuration options provide users with ultimate flexibility.

When shape and size are in the micron range than the use of laser obscuration has its dual goal. Both the particle size distribution and the shape of the particle can be measured by the system developed by Ambivalue. The Eyetech brings size, shape and concentration data together to form a comprehensive blue print of your particle system.

In the application laboratory of both Anaspec Solutions and our partners we will demonstrate and show you the best in particle size and studies.


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Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument.


Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument with three angles. Knowing 15, 90 and 173°. So also backscattering is now available besides the others as well as in combination with zetapotential.

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First meeting of the Benelux Lipid Network

Finally the first meeting of this new organization which took place at the premises of the campus in Ghent.

The meeting is the ideal platform for discussion and information exchange for scientists and technologists in Benelux in the business of edible oils & fats.


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Compositional analysis of Lipids 20-21 June 2013

Anaspec Solutions and Oxford Instruments have introduced at this event the new Pulsar NMR, the benchtop NMR for SFC analysis. The location was in Het Pand in Ghent, Belgium. This event was organised bij SCI’s Lipids Group in Collaboration with Ghent University and EFL Physical Properties Division.

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