SmartChem 450

The Smartchem 450 is a true second generation discrete analyser, designed for smaller laboratories and the first discrete analyser to utilise the Cuvette Quality Assurance System from the clinical laboratory environment, performing an integrated QC check of each cuvette prior to use. Now, in addition to automated analysis, the Smartchem 450 offers automated system Quality Control.

The Smartchem 450 is also the first discrete analyser to utilise a dedicated sample prep module for the determination of NOx by Cadmium reduction or ISE module for measurement of pH, Redox and conductivity. Designed for multi-tasking and high throughput rates, the NOx module also provides automated cadmium reduction.

High-performance robotics perform such tasks such as automated liquid level monitoring, optional samples and reagent cooling, automatic warming up of cold samples and reagents, and precise incubation of analytical cuvettes.

Used together, these features minimize human error and guarantee excellent performance at up to 450 tests per hour, making the Smartchem the most user-independent discrete available today.

Some advantages in short:

  • Direct read technology, each reaction takes place in its own cuvette
  • True sample blanking of colored samples performed directly in each cuvette
  • No analytical flowing streams or flow cells
  • No baseline stabilisation
  • No manual manifold changeover
  • No excessive reagent consumption
  • Automatic method changeover
  • Batch and random mode

The Smartstart software is practical and user friendly, some important topics:

True unattended operation equipped with a graphical dashboard eliminates sample and reagent loading errors. We can install complete customised methods with automated pre-dilution steps and a bidirectional LIMS compatibilty which is inevitable in today’s laboratory.

Smartchem can be used in water, waste water and seawater. It completely fulfills the NEN 6604 regulations. Smartchem technologies are widely used in the analysis of different types of wine. Applications in Soils, Plants, Feeds, Fertilizers and Tobacco are also done with Smartchem technologies.

A Smartchem demo can be organized in our own application laboratory, enabling us to show you all the features of this elegant analyser.

Also delivered as:

Smartchem 140 up to 140 tests per hour
Smartchem 200 up to 200 tests per hour
Smartchem 600 up to 600 tests per hour


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