Astro Agro Trade BV (AATBV) is a trading company which specialises in supplying ingredients for the pet food industry. The founders, Mr. De Lege and Mr. Kleinjan have pooled their knowledge and there has been a continuous growth since then

AATBV consulted Anaspec Solutions to improve the quality of the raw materials. A new analytical method for the analysis of certain raw materials has been designed successfully. AATBV has decided to use a FTNIR spectrometer in order to analyse various properties of their raw material.

The sample container is easy to fill and the analysis can be performed within two minutes. Using this technique, process control can be made quickly. In the past, analyses were performed by an external lab and the results sent 3 days later. "We are very satisfied about the aftercare and optimisation of the FTNIR spectrometer by Anaspec Solutions” Mr. de Lege, co-owner of AATBV commented.

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Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument.


Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument with three angles. Knowing 15, 90 and 173°. So also backscattering is now available besides the others as well as in combination with zetapotential.

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Compositional analysis of Lipids 20-21 June 2013

Anaspec Solutions and Oxford Instruments have introduced at this event the new Pulsar NMR, the benchtop NMR for SFC analysis. The location was in Het Pand in Ghent, Belgium. This event was organised bij SCI’s Lipids Group in Collaboration with Ghent University and EFL Physical Properties Division.

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First meeting of the Benelux Lipid Network

Finally the first meeting of this new organization which took place at the premises of the campus in Ghent.

The meeting is the ideal platform for discussion and information exchange for scientists and technologists in Benelux in the business of edible oils & fats.


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