FTNIR laboratorium and online applications

FT_NIR will eliminate the use of wet chemical technologies. The FT-NIR can be used for both qualitative or quantitative analysis. It is present in many standard lab routines, but also in severe industrial areas. FT-NIR is a non-destructive method and offers many possibilities in the whole industry. There are no chemicals involved and several parameters can be analysed by one spectrum in a couple of minutes. The method is operator independent and results can be linked to the LIMS system or DCS in a control room.

The robustness of the device has lead to a frequent use of the system close to the process where operators can change the process according the results generated by the FT_NIR.

FTNIR can be used in powders and a spectrum is generated by reflection, whereas for liquids it will be done in transmission.

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Compositional analysis of Lipids 20-21 June 2013

Anaspec Solutions and Oxford Instruments have introduced at this event the new Pulsar NMR, the benchtop NMR for SFC analysis. The location was in Het Pand in Ghent, Belgium. This event was organised bij SCI’s Lipids Group in Collaboration with Ghent University and EFL Physical Properties Division.

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First meeting of the Benelux Lipid Network

Finally the first meeting of this new organization which took place at the premises of the campus in Ghent.

The meeting is the ideal platform for discussion and information exchange for scientists and technologists in Benelux in the business of edible oils & fats.


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Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument.


Brookhaven launched their new NanoBrook particle instrument with three angles. Knowing 15, 90 and 173°. So also backscattering is now available besides the others as well as in combination with zetapotential.

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