Each MQC-unit is equipped with MultiQuant, EasyCal and RI-Analysis. Easycal is used to prepare the calibrations by yourself. For simple matrix the use of a one point calibration will be sufficient, but more advanced calibrations are also possible. With the Multiquant module it is possible to configure a standard method. The advantage in the use of NMR is that no longer solvents are needed and is independent of the laboratory assistant and the analysis is quick.

RI-analysis is a diagnostic software which enable you to check the instrument performance. Maintenance is limited by the cleaning of the fans in the electronic module, which is usual for computers.


The bench top is equipped with an standard integrated windows PC motherboard and standard Ethernet and USB ports for data storage. The magnet has to be kept stable at 40 C. There are different types of probes which can be used on the benchtop. Cleaning of the probes is easy.

As the user you will be guided by the different flashing of light. Flashing orange means that you can insert the sample, the red sign is during the analysis period and when the light is blue than you can remove the sample. This controls sequence is found to be very pleasant by a number of users. The MQC systems MQC systems are complete delivered with standards and sample preparation equipment.

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