Water- and soil analysis

For your water and soil (both manual and automatic systems) we have a wide range of analytic solutions. Even complete 'Pilot plants' for research of your water treatment.

Our products comply with the current international DIN and ISO standards with more than 50 years experience as a local leader.

Water / Soil and other environmental analysis:

  • AOX, EOX, POX, TX with micro-coulometer (see also instrumental analysis)
  • COD according to DIN and ISO-prescription, we also have a complete automatic system for COD analysis
  • BOD sample preparation and determination (Mercury free)
  • Phenol, Sulfides and Ammonium via steam distillation
  • Cyanides and fluorides via a reaction and through absorption liquid
  • Destruction systems for phosphorus and heavy metals
  • Soil elution according to DIN and ISO standards
  • Soil elution under CO2 environment and Soil elution at constant pH
  • Water sampling, manual and for transportation
  • Laboratory sewage plants for water purification and biodegradability

Or for many tests per day completely automated:

Continuous flow  analysers

Discrete  analysers


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