Linseis Thermal Analysis

Linseis Physical properties and Thermal analysis manufactures the complete range of thermo analytical equipment for R&D and quality control in sectors such as polymers, chemical industry, inorganic building materials as well as environmental analytics. Furthermore thermo physical properties of solids, liquids, powders, pastes and smelts can be analysed.

Linseis aims to technological leadership. Linseis develops and manufactures thermo analytic and thermo physical testing equipments up to the highest standard and precision. Due to their innovative drive, close contact to the scientific community and ultimate precision they are a leading manufacturer of Thermal Analysis equipment.


Linseis delivers the following instruments:

All LINSEIS Thermal Analysis Instruments are controlled through
sophisticated Windows software.

The complete program consists of three sections:

  • temperature control
  • data acquisition
  • data evaluation

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