Primary- and wet chemical analyses

For the entire industry we have a wide range of products for your primary and wet chemical analyses. Our product range includes both manual and fully automated systems. Over 60 years of experience has led to several unique developments, where flexibility has a high priority. Customised adjustments: we like to do for you.

A selection of our products:

  • Extraction (Soxhlet), for example the Weibull-Stoldt method.
  • Improved Kjeldahl analyses with fast infrared destruction, conventional aluminum block-destruction and steam distillation (manual to fully automated).
  • Distillation in combination with a thermal reaction.
  • Determination of the OH-and saponification value, total SO2 and NaCl.
  • Alcohol, sulfur, cyclomate and volatile acids determination in, for example, wine.
  • Azeotropic distillations.
  • Manual and automatic titration possibilities.
  • All types of laboratory glassware, halogen dryers, thermostat baths etc.
  • Consumables as catalysts and antifoam tablets.

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