On- and inline analysis

For on- and in line measurements in cases where fine milk powders or coarse mixfeed products have to be analyzed, we have designed some special sampling techniques. Have a look to these sampling techniques as they are very special and have an ingenious design, which only can be realized after long term experience in these applications.

Other technologies are designed for a contactless measurement and consequently can be built on a conveyor belt.

The IR light from the spectrometer is transported by optical fibers to the measuring cell. The measuring cell is mounted in the production process and the spectrometer with the different elements can be placed in a conditioned area and built in a standard cabinet. In this way no expensive or special constructions are required.

The analytical results can be sent to the DCS via mA, Volt or OPC. In some cases we need to configure new process algorithms which can be configured directly in the process software. We will always assist you in these very crucial phases in the project.

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